Leading people in strictness and gentleness

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people to be ledLeading and managing people can be a difficult task for any aspiring leader. It doesn’t only involve techniques or systems, but importantly include a strict yet gentle human touch towards other people. It is also somehow intriguing to reckon the fact that most of the important and useful ingredients of effectively leading people are not learned in the post-graduate schools or in the seemingly thick management and leadership textbooks. They are even not often learned from listening to the so-called leadership gurus and management experts. Amazingly, they are learned from within our selves’ realization towards our personal (not really professional) dealing with our co-creatures – the humans.

If you are given a task to handle people to achieve a common goal, you may experience being in the midst between protecting your authority and power and taking care of your people’s emotions. Of course if you are the boss, you expect your power to work for you, taking in effect almost everything you have said and commanded. However, though it seems to be easy, it is in reality a difficult job to do. Power can be useful. However, it can also be painful to others, and in worst, can be destructive to any organization. That’s why, any power or authority must be blended with the right amount of care and gentleness.  Furthermore, the right mix of power and gentleness must also be fine-tuned with the right type of people.  This is because some persons may like to see more strength in a leader rather than to see more softness in him, and vice versa.

A great leader, as well as a great manager is not only a leader of power, but also a leader of gentleness. Moreover, he is not also just a combination of power and gentleness, but also a right combination of the two. Strictness is important in an organization because it preserves strength and consistency.  Gentleness is also important since it protects the emotions and motivations of the people inside an organization. The two attributes may often become a conflict within a leader, but the truth is it should be the other way around – they should be harmonized rather than become a piece of chaos.

A manager cannot manage effectively his subordinates using only his authority and power. He should also use his reaching hands – hands that reach not only the minds of his people but also their hearts. The strength of strictness can move persons in an organization, but the power of gentleness can move the hearts of people inside that organization. If we are to achieve a common goal, we need to unify people and motivate each one of them to attain that goal. In this case, we need to determine each people who happen to be unique and distinct to each one and another.  Always remember that strictness must come with justice and gentleness must come with righteousness.


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  5. What can be better than faith complemented with knowledge? It is even better if knowledge is improved by good deeds.

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  9. it will keep us from sinning under troubles, and from sinking under them; keep us calm and with inward satisfaction. Believers are to get and to keep a good name; a name for good things with God and good men. We should walk in all the ways of virtue, and abide therein; then, whether our praise is of men or not.

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    There’s a great quote, ‘A friend in power is a friend lost’. It’s usually true and speaks volumes about the negative effects from improper usage of power. You raise valuable points about the same. It’s very important for a leader to play a good balancing act between power and kindness.

    Till then,


  12. Good point about how a leader needs both gentleness and strictness. I've come across bosses who have the wrong balance of one or the other. When not properly balanced, there can be problems.

  13. Tej Kohli says:

    yeah .. the Leader must have to strict for its duties and work also must be polite to our cliques , and coordinators

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  16. You raise valuable points about the same. It’s very important for a leader to play a good balancing act between power and kindness.thanks..

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  22. Unfortunately, the essence of human vices is so that man notices other people’s mistakes and wrong views or deeds, but he appears to be unable to identify these demerits in himself. Whereas he himself refers only to those ayah and Hadith that deal with high morale and generosity. Moreover, he is convinced that people around should treat him proceeding only from these statements.

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  24. I agree that people should treat people like people but does anyone know of a business who still doesn’t treat employees like an expense. I mean do they really have a line item on thier financials in the asset area.