How to take care of your business?

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These are just basic answers on the basic question… how to take care of our business? First, a business has a personality (although not a human), and because it is so, taking care of a business is just like taking care of a person. You need to give what it needs and what it will need. You need to do that so it will also give you what you need and what you will need in the future. If you get what I mean, you will understand that it’s insinuating a mutual relationship of benefits and detriments between a business and its owner – an association that every businessman should not ignore. And to make that connection strong, business owners, who are the humans on that relationship; need to do the first move in showing and doing the right amount of care.

Care should start upon conception
Taking care of a business should not just start at the time it is actually and legally born. Care should be given from the time our business is conceptualized. Before we give birth to our companies, we must first assure that they are strategically planned. Meaning, everything is prepared to assure that they will be born and grown vigorously. Preparing our business to the real business world may include a strategic business plan, marketing plan, geographical plan, adequate initial capital, emergency funds, training of future personnel, training of managers and owners, and other things that will make our business healthy upon its birth. Remember that caring starts from planning.

Treat it like your own baby
After the birth of your business, you should take care of it like your own baby. You should also have a great joy to see it and a constant passion to handle it. Imagine how a human baby makes you smile and how you become excited and happy to be with him or her – especially if he or she is your own child. This kind of dynamic excitement gives us the extra strength and time to nourish our business. Nurturing a business during its infancy involves investing more time, energy, momentum and devotion. Remember that it has now come into reality – and any fatality is for real.

This stage also needs your long patience which you will be using to face the hardships of business startup. Moreover, doing a business while not yet earning (at development stage) requires a lot of patience. This is also the time that you need to invest more money on people whom will aid you in handling your newborn company. Hence, trusted experts are must. Business consultants, financial planners, legal advisers and marketers are some of the professionals you may choose to be engaged with. Again, remember that care means giving and sacrificing your precious time, passion, energy, money, momentum and long patience.

Make it strong, enduring and productive
For entrepreneurs who have surpassed the difficulties of business startup, it’s time to give your firms powers, endurance and profits. How can we take care of that goal?

We can do that by maintaining the care we have given to our business from time it was conceived. It’s still requires strategic planning, proper execution and intelligent monitoring. But this time, now that it has already achieved growth, we need to work it more dynamically. We don’t want it to be beaten by its same-sized or bigger rivals. That’s why, just like a grown person, a developed business should continue to build up its people (hiring the right personnel), policies (having good management and leadership), machineries (adapting to new technologies), and systems (research and development). Its owner should also keep on innovating to keep it from its competitive edge. Furthermore, he also needs to assure that his business is getting profits. Keep in mind that caring also means bringing someone or something into success.

Give it a sense of purpose and fulfillment
Finally, if we truly care for our businesses, we need to hand them their great purposes. A righteous purpose is one that gives satisfaction to customers, happiness to employees, thankfulness to owners (including investors and creditors), honor to country, harmony to our Mother Nature, and glory to our Almighty God.  I will leave with the following questions. Who among you business people have a mission/vision/purpose adopted for your companies and businesses? Are you achieving those purposes? If not then you have not yet given your ultimate care for your business. And that may also signify that you have not yet achieved your right purpose as a businessman.


3 Responses to “How to take care of your business?”
  1. Hi Vic,

    Actually, I do have a mission for my offline biz, following it, could be not so easy but the closer to achieve that purpose the best the biz becomes.

    I still prefer online biz than offline. The offline world takes a lot of time and money and it does not gives a revenue as big as many people think. The online world it is faster and cheaper to make money.

    For instance, Page and Brin from Google or Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook all of these guys got rich faster than anybody in the offline world.

    Did you already have a business?

    Btw, even than sometimes it could be harder than been employee, I do not want to go back to been an employee, no way, never, not for the rest of my life, lol.


  2. viclogic says:

    Hi Luis,

    I'm glad that you drop by. Thank you for the additional insight. As of today, my business is my professional services. Yes you are right, inspired by Mark of Facebook, we can say that online businesses are the quickest entrepreneurship we can try to achieve for a greater success.

  3. dextroid says:

    its actually not easy to maintain a business specially if you just started. like me im a young entrepreneur when I started my first business its really hard more than i expected…