Ten features and qualities of a good entrepreneur

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good-entrepreneurAn entrepreneur shall have the following features and qualities to be considered a good or great entrepreneur.

1. Brain – to plan

A wise entrepreneur is an advanced thinker. He knows how to predict the future. With his prediction, he creates a plan. He organized his objectives and set his procedures to achieve those objectives.

2. Hands – to do the plan

An active entrepreneur executes his plan. He performs his procedures to attain and realize his objectives. He handles well his people and put them in the right places.

3. Mouth – to communicate and convince

A good entrepreneur has wisdom to communicate. He says what is just and honest. He knows how to convince people. He does it by keeping his promises.

4. Eyes – to see to it

A prudent entrepreneur sees things twice. He is discreet and avoids biased and harsh decisions that will hurt other people. He also monitors and checks his business activity to ensure that they are running the way he wants it to be.

5. Ears – to spy

An extensive entrepreneur observes and studies his competitors. But he doesn’t analyze them to hurt and defy them. He analyzes them to come up with greater products and services that will serve his customers better. He also studies his competitors to promote more quality and customers’ satisfaction inside the market competition. He encourages his competitors to produce greater quality products and services to eventually make the consumers the winners in the market competition.

6. Nose – to smell danger

A vigilant entrepreneur oversees his business surroundings. He searches and detects possible risks and dangers. And when he detects one, he comes-up with a preventive solution if the danger has not yet occurred, and a corrective solution if the danger has already occurred.

7. Skin – to protect

A caring entrepreneur protects his business, his employees and his consumers. He defends his business, his name and his integrity. He also preserves the wellness of his employees. And finally he totally cares for the satisfaction of his costumers.

8. Heart – to love and create good relationship

A loving entrepreneur practices patience, shows humility, rejoices in the truth, avoids evil acts, maintains hope and uplifts faith. He also keeps real good relationships with his employees, co-owners, investors, creditors, debtors and customers.

9. Feet – to stand

A strong entrepreneur stands firmly in the midst of trouble. And when he falls down, he always manages to get back on his feet. Simply, he is not a quitter.

10. Spirit – to live

A faithful entrepreneur believes in what he does. He lives in what he believes. He exists more than he lives…


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  1. Great article, I have to agree with all of the 10 points. My favorite is number 10.

  2. viclogic says:

    Thanks Deneil,

    We are have the same favorite. Lol. Sometimes we need to give our lives to our business, so our businesses will give us a living.

  3. Great minds think alike. :)

  4. Hi Victorino, i do agree with your first point, what i always tell myself is, no planning is planning to fail! This is the quote that always in my mind before i make a decision.

  5. viclogic says:

    Hi Simon,

    I'm glad you have drop by. Yes we have the same ways here. Planning is like making a map (a direction). It's very essential in achieving our goals and reaching our destinations.

  6. Hannah says:

    Nice article. I am sharing it to my follow entreps. thanks!

  7. Thanks for this great article. I appreciate your all points. These all are very good.

  8. used tires says:

    Awesome qualities! I like how you broken it down by body parts, and how they relate to being a good entrepreneur =D It's the first article that I've seen written like this when talking about entrepreneurs! I guess that goes to show you, that you have the Brain and Mouth when it comes to your words =D

    Till then,


  9. viclogic says:

    Thanks Hannah and Welcome here!

  10. viclogic says:

    Thanks for always visiting here. Have a great day always.

  11. viclogic says:

    Thanks Jean for the flattering words.
    That's why I always strive everyday to research and reflect for wisdom that will be helpful to my readers.

  12. guscosio says:

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  13. Amazing post. I like these features and qualities of good entrepreneur. I'll develop myself.

  14. dextertechathandnet says:

    I think this reminds me to plan.. because usually, I am very impulsive. The moment i think of it , i do it.. and sometimes it fails.. in addition number 10 is my favorite. We need to have spirit and believe on what we do.

  15. viclogic says:

    That's right, we live not by food but we live by our spirits. Planning is very important, and it's even one great virtue stated in the Bible to achieve lasting success.

  16. A good entrepreneur knows to calculate risks.
    Who makes a company are the employees.
    Employees poorly paid, and not well treated, have no incentive to work, therefore, will not have the slightest desire to help your business grow.

    An employee well paid and satisfied does everything for the company – even work till late hours.

    Before opening any business, make sure to know exactly what you going to offer your employees. They can be the eyes for your business a key for your success, depends on the treatment received.

  17. viclogic says:


    Thank you for your visiting here again. You are right and your additional insights are pretty much appreciated. Employees are very important in an organization.That is because they are humans and considered as the hearts and brains of an organization.

  18. PSP Go says:

    In other words we all have the capacity to do it if we work hard and have self belief.

  19. All I can say to you on an honest basis is that some of these online opportunities are proven to be scams that is very true therefore it is about researching to see what is genuine and what is not however some people think that online businesses are get rich quick schemes which they are not they take alot of work just like any business however the rewards for that work will be good.

  20. entrepreneur Word have the lot's of quality and make sure u need to develop those qualities to become the entrepreneur

  21. used tires says:

    All good points and essential qualities. Number 10 is the best as it embodies the very spirit that drives us entrepreneurs on.

    Till then,


  22. Nice Information..


  23. Wonderful explanation about features and qualities of good entrepreneur. Thanks.

  24. Tej Kohli says:

    yeah there all the correct , But these are some basic things , Enterprises needs many things to run smoothly .. Like Corporation and Trustworthy

  25. The secret behind a successful enterprise is the creative and the innovative entrepreneur. Various qualities of a successful entrepreneur are discussed in this article.

  26. He buys land and builds golf courses and casino's and owns the Miss Universe pageant. People say he is good because he has made a crap load of money, but his business has also filed for bankruptcy twice.

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  29. Throw parenthood into the mix, and success becomes a little bittersweet. Some moms may struggle with devoting time to work, because they feel it’s necessary to devote time for the kids.

  30. All the qualities u have mentioned are good for entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur have a good thinker who can imagine and think broadly with future…


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  32. used tires says:

    @motocross, you would love to buy it? This post is not a sales page for what your comment says :(


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  34. I think spirit is the last and most important point here. You really need to exist in ur living.

  35. As I read this post I was wondering where you were going with it for a bit. And then boom, you delivered the money statement… “I’m craving that high that you can only get when you push yourself as hard as you can in the gym and on your run.

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