Difference between Business and Entrepreneurship: Businessman versus Entrepreneur

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What is the difference between a business and an entrepreneurship? How about a business owner from an entrepreneur? These terms are commonly used interchangeably. However, these terms have different meaning – and those differences are what we will try to find out. To illustrate and understand simply and clearly the difference between business and entrepreneurship, we will have a face-off between a businessman and an entrepreneur. So the showdown begins.

Businessman / Business

Entrepreneur / Entrepreneurship

Own an enterprise or venture

Own an enterprise or venture

Usually a profit oriented

Costumer oriented

Usually plays safe

Bold and ambitious

May be purchased, donated or inherited

Creates his own idea and realize it as a business

Generally traditional

An innovator

Works for the Company

The Company works for him

Usually don’t have time for their families and love ones

Shares enough time with their families and love ones

Usually distressed and experiences sleepless nights

Always a happy and enthusiastic businessman

Generally hire people to contribute profit

Hire people to make their lives better

Commonly commit tax evasion to save taxes and increase profit

Practice tax avoidance to save taxes and increase profit

As a conclusion, a businessman is similar to an entrepreneur because an entrepreneur is a businessman. Entrepreneur is a businessman which is not traditional but is an innovative and creative type of a businessman. An entrepreneur differs a lot from a usual businessman. His entrepreneurship is created out of his own innovative idea and creation which is realized to be placed in business or to be transformed as a good business. Entrepreneurs are also more concerned on the quality of their products and on the satisfaction of their customers rather than being too much concerned to their profits.


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  1. bharat says:

    Thanks that was really helpful. Got a paper on management and entrepreneurship and this question was bugging me lot.

  2. viclogic says:

    Thanks Bharat for visiting. I'm so glad you found the post helpful. Don't forget to come back, I will be writing more articles and tips on business, entrepreneurship, marketing and other business related topics.

  3. santhoshkuamr says:

    ?Your valid points impressed me a lot.Thank you.

  4. used tires says:

    Very well explained difference between the two. Even though I had a rough idea of the differences, I'd never really thought about sorting between them so nicely.

    Till then,


  5. Homes to buy says:

    Politics can have a profound impact on entrepreneurship because policies can create an a
    atmosphere for encouraging entrepreneurship including favorable tax structures…

  6. I work during the week with every other friday off and every other week-end off. I would like some ideas or even a book that has ideas for women who want to be entrepreneurs that have week-end business.

  7. A businessman's inclined to slack off since he or she is usually the one setting deadlines for his chores. But if you will be thinking like an ideal employee with his boss breathing down his neck.

  8. This is awesome you categories very well, i have the another image about entrepreneur in my mind now i am sure what is exactly,,,


  9. A business man is some one who start a business on an existing market platform laid by the entrepreneurs. In this context it we can see that entrepreneurs weigh more than a business man. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task.

  10. This is really helpful but i want in detail from beginning what is international business,scope, difference and almost all topics about this.

  11. businessman is one who gets everything on his plate and he is responsible for running it while enterpreneur is a visionary who has a solution to a probelem that exist and he create a new product

  12. This two column comparison is really helpful. Entrepreneur is better than business. And if you have inherited a business , you might lose it some day.


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