What is my WordPress post ID number and how can I find it?

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wordpress-logoAs a move to bring this blog to a higher level, I recently changed its theme from a free theme to a premium one. Thanks for some coupon code, I got discount in purchasing this nice WordPress theme. The new theme looks nicer with the “featured article plugin”. The plugin has an option to show articles by category or by specific posts. Showing specific posts in the featured articles requires the post ID numbers of the post to be featured.

I thought I can easily find those numbers in my WordPress dashboard, but suddenly I found myself in darkness trying to find those numbers. What I have thought before is that the post ID numbers of wordpress post is the number in the post’s URL. And yes I am right. Please see example below:


The page ID here is “8”.


The post ID here is “10”.

I can just simply visit the URL of my post to determine their post IDs. But wait, I have turned my permalinks before to “day and name” option instead of the default permalink that shows the ID numbers of the posts:


From the above URL link, I change it to become like the URL link below:

http://yourdomain.com/2009/06/08/business and marketing/

With the permalink structured as URL showing “day and name” of the post instead of the post ID number, where can we find now the ID numbers of our posts without changing again the setting of our permalinks?

The answer is very simple. Just go to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to “posts”. By clicking posts, you will be directed to the list of your posts (Edit Post) which are ready to be edited. To determine the ID number of your post, just hover your mouse on the post from the list. And presto! You can now see the post ID number of your post at the bottom of your window. See example URL below:


The post ID is “10”.

That was so easy. Isn’t it? Now I can select the posts I want to be featured in my blog’s homepage using WordPress featured article plugin.


7 Responses to “What is my WordPress post ID number and how can I find it?”
  1. RTFVerterra says:

    Nice theme, it looks very clean. I am wishing for your great success. Happy blogging.

  2. gharpagaspas says:

    Congratulations for attaining the higher level! You do have a great theme, its simple and inviting to readers. I wish you more luck and success, God Bless.

  3. Mar says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I used the info provided by you to customize a plugin for my blog!!! :)

  4. viclogic says:

    Hi Mar,

    I am glad it became useful to you. Good luck to your blog.

  5. mike99999 says:

    Great post, I rarely comment at all, but I had the exact problem and you just saved me a ton of time!



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