How to make your employees happy, motivated and productive?

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vacationSo let us get direct to the point. The following is a list of things that bosses should give a great consideration to make their employees happy, motivated and productive.

1. Generous compensation

Show to your employees that you are fair and generous. Good and intelligent employees can easily sense when they are not compensated fairly by their employers. Good employees can easily get out from your office and find other better employers who can compensate them better.

2. Clear career paths

Employees have their own career dreams. Be sure that you can provide your employees their road to career success that is aligned to your Company. Otherwise they may go on other better paths that other employers may provide.

3. Balance life

People lives are not only revolving for work. Employees have their family life, love life, spiritual life and others. This should be considered by employers. Otherwise, your employees may leave you because of exhaustion or because they now want to dump you for the love of their families and other love ones.

4. Comfortable working area

Without it, employees will not become happy to their work, will not be motivated to work hard and become productive. Why? Because you don’t show that you care. Also, employees have the right to a free-hazard environment. If you’re not giving them well-ventilated and comfortable working areas, then you are depriving their right.

5. Role modeling

As the boss, the leader, and supposedly the teacher in an organization, employers should become role models. Otherwise, their subordinates will be in a low morale.

6. Appreciation and recognition

Praising or simply saying thank you to your employees for the good job they have done has a great impact to inspire them. However, employers should also try their best to discover these good jobs that the employees have done so that their will be no good jobs done by employees that were not praised.

7. Team building

Team building creates a closer and deeper relationship between members of an organization including staff personnel, managers and employers. This relationship shall make a chain between them, and this chain will be the thing that will make it hard for the team to be apart from each other. Team building makes employees motivated and productive because of the essence of teamwork.

8. Fair treatment

Unfair treatment by employers will surely put an employee in a low morale condition. Judge them equally, recognize them equally, compensate them in a just manner, give them fair benefits, talk to them equally and smile at them equally.

9. Proper assignment

Putting employees in their right places is putting them in the places where they are most effective and efficient. To make your employees happy and productive, be sure to assign them in the areas where they are interested. Like basketball, you are the coach here, be wise on choosing who will be the center, guard or the forwards.

10. Flexibility and space

Be sure not to hold your employees too tight or too loose. Employees are sometimes so sensitive on how their employees handle and watch them. Many of them are not comfortable to work while their bosses are watching them. In this case, a trust and confidence shall be established between employers and employees. Giving freedom and adequate space to employees makes them more flexible and capable to work productively.

11. Listening

Employers shall have listening ears for their employees. They should listen and not always do the talking especially in counseling employees. Furthermore, mere listening to their problems without taking actions to solve their problems will just make their morale lower. The greatest evidence that you have listened to them is the action you have done for them.

12. Tactful criticism

Bosses shall always speak with justice and wisdom. Reckless criticism may discourage a person and destroy his will to work. Remember that you are dealing with human emotions and not with machines. There is also a saying, that what you say to others will also return to you. So believe in good karma.

13. Teach them to teach

Give them a certain topic on subjects they are most knowledgeable of and assign them to become resource speakers in your office training and seminars. This will make them realize their strong points and at the same time will give them the opportunity to stand out from others and be proud of it. This will also uplift their zeal to work in your office.

14. Direct them to kindness

After you have shown to your employees some kindness and generosity by giving them good benefits, you may also influence them the kindness you have given to them. Having regular spiritual activities will glorify the spirits of your employees. You may also involve them in going to charities and teach them to show some love. If you want to keep your employees, then keep their spirits with you – with your pure spirit as a role model.

15. Promote health and fitness

With all the stress employees get in your company, they deserve to have wellness. A healthy body is a happy body. A happy body is an inspired body. With healthy and inspired employees in your office, expect a rising production.


11 Responses to “How to make your employees happy, motivated and productive?”
  1. I need to find ways to keep employees happy. We work in a call center so the mood is very stiff. Any ways to make the employees feel special?? I have a monthly contest for attendance that awards gift cards, but that doesn't seem to be working.

  2. viclogic says:

    Hi there CD Duplication,
    Thanks for the comment. Actually, there are lot of ways to make your employees feel that they are special. One in the list, is to teach them how to teach and lead. You need to help them discover their potentials and their fortes. Everyone has his own best and speciality.

  3. mela says:

    wow cdduplication is a very thoughtful boss. maybe because call center agents are really in-demand nowadays so employers need to devise creative ways to retain them.

  4. RTFVerterra says:

    I hope my boss is as concerned as CD Duplication.

  5. Jay Castillo says:

    Hi Vic, I wish that I can forward this to some people in the company I currently work for who have no idea on most of the items you have on this list. Excellent list by the way! Anyway, I have been listening to the abridged version of Steven Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people lately and I can't help but say that your list reminded me of the part that mentions that being effective means having a balance between production and production capability!

    Anyway, I think I should just be thankful to them as they woke up the entrepreneur/investor me.

    Thanks by the way for visiting my blog. I am now officially stopping my lurker mode at your site. =)

  6. viclogic says:

    Hi Jay,

    I was obliged to research for the meaning of “lurker”, and I got it. Thanks for sharing a new term. :)
    Your lurker mode is fine, I understand it. You become one of the many people that transformed into my inspirations – to do greater in writing. At least you promise you will stop that mode.:)
    Thanks again.

  7. Again anaother nice post Vic. For me, the two things that motivate me in order are compensation, recognition and colleagues. Before, I used to work in a company with a boss that rarely communicates with me. In return, my energy working for him slowly depreciates because I don't get feedbacks or appreciation with the effort I am doing. Some say that I was lucky enough but I was the type of person who is hungry for challenges. I ended up resigning.

  8. viclogic says:

    Thanks Tyrone. Preserving the high morale of employees is very important. Even a “Hi” or a smile given by bosses to their employees already makes them comfortable and motivated, unlike bosses who always shows his irritation and uncontrolled temper.

  9. People wouldn't have to take so much time to 'recharge' and can get back to work more quickly (most effective employees would prefer to eat at their desks than trot down to a first floor break area).

    I believe that you should respect your employees. Also, take into consideration what they think should be done to make it a better business and workplace. Just because they are not managers they know things that you do not.

    When employees feel like their performance matters, and directly affects how much money goes into their pockets, they work harder, smarter, and better (and with a better attitude). I've seen it first hand.

  10. PSP Go says:

    Very good article. This is spot on. Your staff are one of the most valuable resources in your business. Treat them well and they will do just about anything for you and show loyalty. It is not brain science and yet so many business owners do not actively build good employee relations.

  11. All the things are research and realistic to happy employee….i am very happy to see this information…

    Jacib Lee